Diversity & Power – A winning combination! πŸ“Œ

Diversity needs #inclusion to work. No need to say?

However, what does this mean in terms of decision-making #power in organizations?

Some companies refer to the various nationalities and origins of their employees and claim that they live diversity. Wow! 🧐 Actually, on closer look, this diversity does not at all exist at management level. Some organizations confuse #DiversityManagement and #CorporateSocialResponsibility. Effective social engagement is absolutely great and praiseworthy. πŸ‘ And yet, it might not be Diversity Management.

Diversity needs inclusion to work. And inclusion implies that diversity has an impact on decision-making processes. πŸ€“ Where required, the existing power paradigm must be challenged and changed. Only then can the organization truly unleash the full power of diverse perspectives and impulses. β—οΈβœ¨

Let us go further. Let us be impactful!