Consulting & Sparring

by Michelle Euzet

Consulting & Sparring

by Michelle Euzet


Does your company not only feel the desire for a culture shift, but does it actually recognize its necessity for an economically successful future?

I would be happy to accompany you on this demanding and challenging journey.

On the basis of my 5-phase model, I offer organizations or business units structured accompaniment for a truthful and sustainable cultural transformation. My approach is pragmatic and result-oriented: from management affirmation to success monitoring.

Depending on the assignment, EUZET CONSULTING cooperates with established management consultancies with a focus on strategy, digitalization or organizational development. With powerful impulses and a strategic, methodical approach, individualized to your company, we work with your colleagues and you to implement the culture shift step by step, in a tangible and measurable way.

Executive Sparring

The culture shift can only succeed if the decision-makers show a clear stance and also maintain their course in day-to-day business or when difficulties arise. Their perseverance generates credibility among managers and the entire workforce.
 This in turn is the real key to cultural transformation. As a DVCT-certified business coach, I bring decision-makers emotionally in touch with their goals in order to strengthen their courage and motivation from within. I consciously and openly put on my consultant cap from time to time and act as a mentor in overcoming the hurdles and challenges of culture shift, which does not always seem to be directly compatible with day-to-day business. 


For years positive company values have been identified (if not simply assigned), communicated and trained. The culture shift has been initiated so often. Nevertheless, employees in many companies experience a significant difference between aspiration and reality. At the current pace, we are soon irrevocably oversleeping the digital transformation. In many places, we may not need a revolution – but we certainly need a revision of our corporate culture.

The foundation of successful culture work lies in adherence to five maxims:

  • Withstand transparency.
  • Uphold authenticity.
  • Accomplish consistency.
  • Demand efficacy.
  • Establish measurability.

Constant comparison with the maxims gives culture work meaning, grounding and endurance: not the symbolic value but the actual impact on daily business is prioritized. This also implies a differentiated view, since no company “ticks” homogeneously at department level, let alone at location level.

If the corporate culture not only values people and creates added value, but also ignites movability and future viability, the decisive course for your corporate success is set.

However, success can only come from an honest will!


What do we want to preserve?

It is crucial to identify what must not be lost on the way to change.

What do we want to tackle?

“Tackle” includes amplify, expand, modify, reduce or abolish.

Valuing the current culture is indispensable here; even those attributes that are no longer contemporary or conducive to the future used to have a reason for being.

What do we want to add?

Customer centricity, collective knowledge, collaborative working, autonomy, error and risk culture, etc. Not every company needs to become completely agile. However, it is necessary to check individually which attributes need to be consciously anchored in order to be sustainable in times of digitalization, Generation Z, disruption, etc.


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